Download E-books Kvant Selecta, Part 1: Algebra and Analysis: Algebra and Analysis I (Mathematical World) (1999-08-30) PDF

By Serge Tabachinikov; American Mathematical Society (ed.)

The mathematics of binomial coefficients / D. B. Fuchs and M. B. Fuchs -- Do you love messing round with integers? / M. I. Bashmakov -- On Bertrand's conjecture / M. I. Bashmakov -- On most sensible approximations, I-II / D. B. Fuchs and M. B. Fuchs -- On a definite estate of binomial coefficients / A. I. Shirshov -- On n! and the quantity e (several methods to a definite challenge) / L. G. Limanov -- Ratinal approximations and transcendence / D. B. Fuchs and M. B. Fuchs -- shut fractions / V. N. Vaguten -- at the equation (n [over] m) = (n+1 [over] m-1) / A. I. Shirshov -- On ordinary polygons, Euler's functionality, and Fermat numbers / A. Kirillov -- 2-adic numbers / B. Bekker, S. Vostokov, and Yu. Ionin -- at the quantity three / E. Kuzmin and A. I. Shirshov -- Markov's diophantine equation / M. G. Krein -- The mathematics of Gaussian integers / A. B. Goncharov -- 3 formulation of Ramanujan / V. S. Shevelev -- notable adventures within the land of repeating decimals / V. G. Stolyar, E. A. Kuraev, Z. okay. Shilogadze, G. A. Galperin, and A. V. Korlyukov

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